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    Monday, April 29

    Do to me according to what has gone forth from your mouth. —Judg. 11:36.

    Jephthah vowed that if God
    gave Ammon into his hand, the first one to come out of the door
    when he returned home would be Jehovah’s. As Jephthah returned from subduing Ammon,
    his daughter came running to meet him. (Judg. 11:29-31, 34)

    Being a loyal worshipper of Jehovah,
    Jephthah’s daughter was convinced that her father’s vow
    should be carried out. How had Jephthah’s daughter developed such a spirit of self-sacrifice?
    No doubt her faith was built up as she observed her father’s zeal and godly devotion. Parents, your
    example does not go unnoticed by your children. Your decisions communicate that you believe
    what you say. Your children observe how your fervent prayers and effective teaching combine
    with your example of what it means to serve Jehovah with a complete heart. As your children
    do so, they will likely develop a strong desire to make themselves available to Jehovah for his service.

    12/15 3:15, 16


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