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    Saturday, March 9

    The Levite . . . has no share or inheritance with you. —Deut. 14:29.

    You might wonder, ‘If the Levites
    had no land assigned to them, where would they reside?’
    God provided for them. He gave them 48 cities along with the surrounding pasture grounds.

    included the six cities of refuge.(Num. 35:6-8) Thus, the Levites had a place to live when they
    were not serving at the sanctuary of God. Jehovah provided abundantly for those who gave themselves
    to his service. The Law did not include any penalty for an Israelite who failed to tithe.

    the people became negligent as to tithing, the priests and Levites were affected. That happened in
    the days of Nehemiah. As a result,the Levites had to work in their fields, neglecting their ministry.

    (Neh. 13:10) Clearly, the sustenance of the Levitical tribe hinged on the spirituality of the
    nation. Furthermore, the priests and Levites themselves needed faith in Jehovah and in his means

    of providing for them.


  2. Hi All:

    This is a very good text and it also appears to be quite accurate in it's scope of discussion. So my comment is not to disagree with it in any way, but it does make me wonder, why is the tribe of Levi mentioned in both lists of the twelve tribes making up the ones who would receive a heavenly inheritance, and could I have run this sentence on any longer? I think I just did! Yes, I know this is not speaking of literal levite tribesman from Israel, but if the symbolism is going to make sense, why would you include Levi in the lists and exclude others?


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