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    Thursday, February 28

    Jehovah will make known who belongs to him.—Num. 16:5.

    Korah lost sight of the fact that
    Jehovah was directing the nation of Israel and consequently failed
    to show loyalty to those whom God was using. How much wiser it would have been for Korah
    to wait on Jehovah for a clearer understanding or for adjustments if those were really needed. So
    in the end, Korah destroyed his record of faithful service by his prideful actions! (Num. 16:1-34)

    That account provides a serious
    warning for elders and others in the congregation today.

    Waiting on Jehovah and following
    directions from those appointed to take the lead requires humility.
    Do we show that we areas humble and mild-tempered as Moses was? Can we acknowledge the position of those taking the lead among us and submit to directions we receive? Are we able to rise above our personal feelings
    when faced with disappointments?

    If so, we too will be known
    favorably by Jehovah. Our humility and submission will endear us to him.

    9/15 5:12, 15, 16

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    Paul, who admonishes us to become imitators of him as he was of Christ,
    certainly wasn’t meekly following ‘theocratic direction’ when certain men
    from among those who seemed to be something were not walking straight
    according to the good news, according to his understanding of it.

    Rather than waiting on Jehovah for a clearer understanding or for adjustments
    of the position held by those taking the lead, Paul boldly put a curse on all
    ‘glorious ones’ in Heaven and on earth who would in any way infringe upon
    the truth of the good news once for all delivered to the holy ones.

    May all of those claiming to be born of the Spirit display the same zeal for truth.

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