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    Thursday, March 14

    There occurred a sharp burst of anger.—Acts 15:39.

    In the congregation, mildness
    and long-suffering work hand in hand to promote peace. Both of these aspects of the spirit’s fruitage
    help us to deal graciously with others, to remain calm under provocation, and to avoid retaliating when others say or do
    unkind things.

    If we have a difference
    with a fellow Christian,long-suffering, or patience, will help us not to give up on our
    brother or sister but to do what we can to heal the breach. (Col.3:12, 13) Are mildness and long suffering

    really needed in the congregation? Yes, because all of us are imperfect.

    what took place between Paul and Barnabas. They had worked side by side for years. Each had
    commendable qualities. Yet, on one occasion, there occurred between them “a sharp burst of anger,

    so that they separated from each other.â€￾ (Acts 15:36-39) This incident underscores that even

    among devoted servants of God,disagreements will at times arise.

    w11 4/15 4:4, 5

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