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    Tuesday, April 30

    My Father has kept working until now, and I keep working. —John 5:17.

    Jesus said these words to opposers
    who criticized him for healing on the Sabbath, which
    they construed as a form of work.What was the point? Jesus was being accused of working on the
    Sabbath. His reply: “My Father has kept workingâ€￾ answered that charge. In effect, Jesus was saying
    to his critics: ‘My Father and I are engaged in the same type of work.

    Since my Father has kept
    working during his millenniums long Sabbath, it is quite permissible
    for me to keep working, even on the Sabbath.’ Thus, Jesus implied that as regards the earth,
    God’s great Sabbath day of rest,the seventh day, had not ended in his day. This leads us to the conclusion
    that the seventh day was still under way in the first century C.E.

    —Gen. 2:3.

    7/15 3:1, 3


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