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    Wednesday, May 8

    To God I shall call out; and Jehovah himself will save me. —Ps. 55:16.

    How comforting it is to know
    that no matter how dire our situation is, we can call out to Jehovah
    with a “request for favorâ€￾! (Ps. 55:1) However, when we pray for deliverance from a troublesome
    situation, it is wise to examine our motives.

    Are we concerned
    exclusively with getting relief from the problem,
    or do we
    keep Jehovah and his purpose in mind?

    Personal suffering can easily
    cause us to get so caught up
    in our own situation that concern over spiritual matters fades into the background.
    When praying to
    God for help, let us keep our mind focused on Jehovah, the sanctification
    of his name, and the vindication of his sovereignty. Doing so can help us to maintain a positive
    outlook even if the solution that we hope for fails to materialize.The answer to our prayers maybe
    that we need to endure the situation with God’s help.—Isa. 40:29;

    Phil. 4:13. w11 11/15 1:7, 9


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