The Nephilim. A Closer Look

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    Gabriel Guest

    We all know the story. But heres a couple of questions.

    1. How do you think it all went down? Speculation I know, but still...the inquireing mind begs to know. I can see it now. A group of hot super cut, super buff dudes show up walking on air and showing off a couple of magic tricks and who knows....maybe even show the locals how to make a couple paper airplanes.

    I like to humor myself by imagining the kinda pick uplines they used...I mean, do you think they were cheesy?

    Angel: Ouch!, my shoulder hurts :(

    Lady: (drools) Oh! What happend Mr. Muscle Man?

    Angel: I fell from heaven...just to be with you ( Winks with classic teeth white grin)

    I crack myself up over these everytime.

    You know, I bet the women really thought they were something special. To be "Chosen"...that is until they started having the babies that in many cases resulted in death due to the complications (size perhaps) that likely occured.

    I dont know if the Angels actually developed genuine feelings for the women they seeded. Even if they did, it did not make it right. It was obscene and unnatural period.

    The Nehphilim: Half human/ half spirit. Can anyone even comprehend this? Do angels have a DNA code?

    The bible states that there was a flood...a flood so great that it was global. and that all breathing things drowned. However it makes no mention of the Angels drowning. They apparently had forsaken their fleshly bodies and returned to the spirit realm.

    But their children were also partially "spirit" Im sure some to a greater degree than some of their brothren. So what happend to the spirit portion that was used for their complete make-up?

    Are these wandering spirits that some call demons....what are your thoughts?
  2. Hi Gabriel:

    I am not up on any angelic pick up lines but I can tell you what happened to their spirits once they left their "fleshly" bodies. Angelic beings are living souls, just as we are as humans only in an angelic body. An angel is a living soul that is "spirit from God" in an angelic body. Just as we are "living souls" a "spirit from God" in a human body.

    And the angels who did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place,+ he has reserved with eternal bonds in dense darkness for the judgment of the great day. Jude 6

    When the angels wanted to escape from the destruction of all that breathes in Noah's day, they no doubt attempted to leave their human bodies behind. Where they thought they could go at that point, I do not know, I doubt if they had thought that far ahead. From the scriptures though there is only a limited number of places that a disembodied spirit can be, as it apparently cannot exist without a "body" of some sort. Anyway, when they "disembodied" themselves, something had to be done with their spirits. They could either "return to God" who sent them into an angelic body in the first place and God would do with their spirits what he does with all disembodied spirits (exactly what I do not know) but this was not God's plan for them. Jude 6 tells us that they were sent to Tartarus, which was the predecessor to Gehenna for errant spirits that came from angelic bodies that for whatever reason did not return to God. All human spirits who have died in the past found themselves "asleep" in Hades, again whatever that arrangement is for their spirits. I do not think that it is in "nothingness" though. Their spirits (of the errant angels) are being kept alive and "conscious' in some form. Perhaps it is in some kind of artificial "BODY" that is shared by the spirits of many errant angels (like the borg in star trek). This is illustrated for us scripturally by the persons who were "possessed" by multiple spirits on earth in Jesus day and as no doubt we will see with our own eyes in these last days. Some people were only possessed by one angel and others by two or more but many less than "Legion". All of these examples show us "physically" what is happening in Tartarus and Gehenna with errant angelic spirits and later the spirits of unrighteous humans who also will be without a human body, will no longer be unconscious in Hades but will share an artificial life form in Gehenna with one or more other inrighteous spirits from other errant humans. This is how they will be disciplined and taught in the ways of righteousness.


    Then the dust returns to the earth,+ just as it was, and the spirit* returns to the true God who gave it.+ Ecclesiastes 12:7

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    Gabriel Guest

    Thats pretty interesting, Frank. So from your understanding from the research that you've done you dont think the dead are unconscious but are actually in a state of awareness sharing some place of spirit habitation with other rebellious ones? Forgive me if I misunderstood you.
  4. Hi Gabriel:

    Perhaps you misunderstood me, perhaps not, I do not know. You know that when a person dies that "their spirit goes out, they go back to the ground and on that day his thoughts do perish." Psalm 146:4

    But what exactly does that mean. Jehovah's Witnesses are taught that it means non-existence, but is that really what the Bible teaches, or is that simply one or two scriptures tied together to try and make an explanation of a very complex topic?? It sure does beat eternal punishment doesn't it? At least for the sinners, that is.

    But how did Jesus view death and how did he try to explain what happens when you die? Very simply and consistently he likens death to sleep and he does this almost every time he mentions death during his ministry, if he likens death to anything.

    After he said these things, he added: “Laz′a•rus our friend has fallen asleep,+ but I am traveling there to awaken him.†12 The disciples then said to him: “Lord, if he is sleeping, he will get well.†13 Jesus, however, had spoken about his death. But they imagined he was speaking about taking rest in sleep. 14 Then Jesus said to them plainly: “Laz′a•rus has died, John 11:11-14

    Jesus had the power to take Lazarus' spirit and place it into a living human body that he had resurrected for him at the same time that he called back his sleeping spirit from Hades. So, Lazarus probably thought he was the same exact person, and for all intents and purposes he was, but he was now in a resurrected body, like all those that will be later resurrected from the first death (Jesus will not resurrect ones into the same body that they lived in before the first death). Yes, these ones who are at this point "conscious of nothing" will be "awakened", not created again, and their spirits will be placed into a resurrected human body to live again as "living souls" just as Lazarus was and so was Jairus' daughter.

    I recently had to have an operation and I was given anesthesia so that I would not feel the pain during the procedure as they had to cut my body. Yes, I was "conscious of nothing" during that entire procedure, but my heart never stopped beating and my lungs pumped in and out the entire time, but I was not conscious of any of it. Did the fact that I was un-conscious mean that I did not exist? Of course not. That is why Jesus likens death to sleep. I don't think they had anesthesia then but sleep was a good way to try to illustrate what the first death is and was.

    While he was yet speaking, a representative of the presiding officer of the synagogue came, saying: “Your daughter has died; do not bother the Teacher any longer.â€+ 50 On hearing this, Jesus answered him: “Have no fear, only have faith, and she will be saved.â€+ 51 When he reached the house, he did not let anyone go in with him except Peter, John, James, and the girl’s father and mother. 52 But people were all weeping and beating themselves in grief for her.(Because they knew how to determine if someone was dead) So he said: “Stop weeping,+ for she did not die but is sleeping.â€+ 53 At this they began to laugh at him scornfully, because they knew she had died. 54 But he took her by the hand and called to her: “Child, get up!â€+ 55 And her spirit*+ returned(from it's state of unconsciousness in the first death), and she rose immediately,+ and he ordered that something be given her to eat. 56 Well, her parents were beside themselves, but he instructed them to tell no one what had happened.+ Luke 8:49-56

    Jesus was trying to explain to the lunk head apostles about death and he likened it to sleep. He did not mean of course that Lazarus was just in a "normal" everyday type of sleep, he was clearly dead. But Jesus did use the time to associate death (in Hades, the first death) to a sleep like state that you could be called back from or "awakened".

    We know that those in the first death are "not conscious", but is "not conscious" synonymous with non-existence as Jehovah's Witnesses teach? Jesus apparently did not think so or he would have taught them in some way that Lazarus was now in a state of non-existence. Make sense?

    The spirits though that are spoken about in Jude 6 are a different story though. Remember, their spirits were not permitted to go back to Jehovah like human spirits do, no they were sent alive and conscious to a different kind of death, the second death. The first death is where you are still alive in spirit but you are not conscious of anything around you (like you are deeply anesthetized) awaiting to be "awakened" by Jesus in the resurrection (which was demonstrated on a number of occasions while Jesus ministered here on earth). The Bible does not go into detail as to what exactly happens to your spirit when it returns to Jehovah, but to me "returning to Jehovah" doesn't give me the sense of non-existence.

    In the second death you do not have a body of your own, but you are alive and "conscious" in spirit and have to share some type of an artificial living device with other spirits in prison, awaiting, not an awakening like Lazarus or Jairus' daughter, but message of judgement. This is the message that Jesus gave to the spirits in prison during his short time in the grave. They learned of their fate right from Jesus own mouth (so to speak).

    Soon though those "unconsious" but alive in the first death are resurrected (both righteous and unrighteous) all of them will also learn their fate. Life everlasting on earth or disciplining and punishment for their unrepentant sin, these ones will be sent with the spirits already in Tartarus (which became Gehenna at Jesus death) and these conscious but bodyless spirits will be joined by the throngs of unrighteous ones who are not seen fit for a resurrection to life on earth, but will be sent to Gehenna to learn repentance and righteousness.

    For some, this will take a long time, others even longer I suppose, but remember Jehovah is patient and he is the Great Teacher that Jesus learned from and he is Love and he is Righteousness and he is Salvation. He does not wish any to be destroyed but wants all to attain to repentance. Count on it!!!

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    Gabriel Guest

    Frank I have always appreciated your deep profound thoughts. Each time you have shared with me a perspective I have never really considered until now. Although I may not entirely agree with everything you say, nevertheless you open me up to other possibilities. You do this at your own risk of receiving a little friction from others, so I admire you boldness and freedom of speech. You've certainly given me more than several thoughts to ponder. Thanks again and as always...deeply appreciated.
  6. Dear Gabriel:

    My pleasure Brother. Jesus instructed us to keep on seeking, to keep on asking and to keep on knocking and you will get all your answers eventually.

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    how interesting to ask what happened to the energys of the half human half angel nephilim?

    don't we believe that without a body the spirit dies? hmmm! perhaps not!.

    the nephilium died like any normal man they don't need to be resurrected and punished! because it was not the fault of the nephium that they were born monsters..

    and the fact that angels were attracted to human females gives us a clue that angels either do not have females or that.

    the wicked angels sole purpose in taking earth women was to destroy our bloodline!

    but according to apocrypha the wicked angels took animals and created the centaurs cyclops and other abomination animals!!

    why? would intelligent angels go about an attack on earthly life using DNA that they obviously know how to manipulate? knowing god would find out and destroy the progenitors?

    because as a by product of that attack we now have prions and viruses and cancers that are not living organisms by themselfs but when a human or animal absorbs them..

    they produce monstrous diseases!
    the nephilims spirits if you please are still among us today! breeding within our body's.causing us suffering and death to this day!

    and that leads us to why it was needed to have a righteous son of god spill his blood for all mankind.

    real blood and flesh had to be spilled so that the anti body's of a perfect man could enter the prion world and rebuild the whole race!

    its a genetic war ! from the very start! the lamb slain from the foundation of earth.

    which brings us deeper into the rabbit hole!! why ? why? would god let it happen? if he did not intend to teach all creation that sin itself is an attack on all creation! not just a one time selfish act!

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