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    Last night ( 8-9-2020 ) , I watched a Netflix series program which originally ran on the History Channel beginning on May 29, 2007. This particular program was series 1, episode 1; titled “Secrets of the Sun”. It is “A look at how the Sun was formed and how it could potentially die; its physical composition; how it makes energy; and the nature of solar eclipses, solar flares and sunspot activity.”

    I have said before, scientists should have a bible. Of course, they do have one titled “Evolution”. Or, Pick A Number; Any Number! This particular episode presented many scientific mathematical information pertaining to the aforementioned nature of it’s composition, how it makes energy, solar flares, sun spots, internal activity, with mathematical formulas. However, they NEVER explained WHERE this MATERIAL came from! I used capital letters as emphasis to important questions about these questions. Did this material just appear out of nowhere? If so, where did it come from? And WHY was it placed where it was, in the entire “Universe”? I’m talking about this particular “fire ball”. What determined exactly where it was in relationship to the earth?

    The mathematical formulas show that if any one of the answers were slightly changed, the earth would never support anything with life in it. For more information, go here:

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