Thursday, February 25

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    Thursday, February 25

    I live because of the Father.—John 6:57.

    Jesus acknowledged that his Father was the Source and Sustainer of his life when he stated the above. Jesus completely trusted in his Father, and Jehovah supplied his physical needs. Most important, Jehovah cared for Jesus spiritually. (Matt. 4:4)

    Jehovah also provides for our spiritual needs. Through his Word, he has revealed the truth about himself, his purpose, the meaning of life, and the future. He showed us personal attention when we first learned the truth, using our parents or another teacher to help us come to know him.

    And we continue to receive kind assistance from loving congregation elders and other mature brothers and sisters. In addition, Jehovah instructs us through our congregation meetings, where we learn alongside our spiritual family. In these and other ways, Jehovah shows his fatherly interest in all of us.—Ps. 32:8.

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