Thursday, July 11

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    Thursday, July 11

    You cannot slave for God and for Riches.

    Matt. 6:24.

    Many people urge us to pursue a secular career as our goal in life. Such a career may promise status, authority, and wealth. Because many make pursuing a career their main goal in life, a Christian might adopt the same way of thinking.

    Is it true that succeeding in a secular career that offers power and prestige leads to lasting happiness? No. Remember that the craving to control others and the longing to be admired are the desires that enticed Satan, but he is angry, not happy.

    (Matt. 4:8, 9;Rev. 12:12)

    Compared to the lasting joy that comes from helping people to benefit from God’s wisdom so that they can gain everlasting life, a secular career can provide only limited satisfaction. Moreover, the spirit of this world is intensely competitive. It pushes people to outdo one another, breeds jealousy, and in the end, proves to be “a chasing after the wind.”Eccl. 4:4.

    w17.11 23 ¶11-13

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