Thursday, June 14

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    Thursday, June 14

    When I wish to do what is right,
    what is bad is present with me.Rom. 7:21.

    Paul had full confidence that he could win his internal battle by prayerfully relying on Jehovah and exercising faith in Jesus’ ransom sacrifice. What about us?

    As we struggle against giving in to our own fleshly weaknesses, we can succeed. How? By imitating Paul, by fully relying on Jehovah and not on our own strength, and by having faith in the ransom. There are times when God may allow us to demonstrate the depth of our concern about a matter.

    For instance, what if we (or a family member) were stricken by a serious illness or we were faced with some injustice? We would show our full trust in Jehovah by supplicating him in prayer to give us the strength to keep faithful and not lose our joy and spiritual balance.
    (Phil. 4:13)

    The experience of many, both in Paul’s day and in ours, proves that prayer can help us to renew our power and build up confidence to continue enduring.

    w16.092:14, 15

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