Thursday, March 14

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    Thursday, March 14

    This is the curse that is going out
    . . . , because everyone who steals

    . . . has gone unpunished. —Zech. 5:3.

    Did you notice at Zechariah 5:4 that “the curse . . . [would] enter into the house of the thief . . . and it [would] remain inside that house and consume it”?

    Jehovah’s adverse judgment cannot be kept out by bars and locks. It can penetrate any hiding place to uncover wrongdoing among Jehovah’s people. Even if a person is able to conceal thievery from authorities, employers, elders, or parents, he cannot hide it from God, who guarantees that every theft will be exposed. (Heb. 4:13)

    How refreshing it is to associate with people who are ever conscious of being honest
    “in all things”! (Heb. 13:18)

    All forms of stealing are offensive to Jehovah. We view it as an honor to live up to Jehovah’s high moral standard, maintaining conduct that in no way brings reproach on his name. Thus, we may succeed in escaping Jehovah’s judgment against those who deliberately violate his law.

    w17.10 22 ¶6-7

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