Thursday, March 19

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    Thursday, March 19

    The poor man is hated even by his neighbors, but many are the friends of the rich person.Prov. 14:20.

    Material wealth is a factor that can affect our view of others. But how could a person’s wealth or his poverty affect the way we view him? Holy spirit moved Solomon to record a sad truth about imperfect humans as shown in today’s text. What does this proverb teach us?

    If we are not careful, we could desire the friendship of brothers who are wealthy while shunning brothers who are poor. Why is it so dangerous to measure the value of others solely on the basis of their material wealth? Because doing so could create class distinctions in the congregation.

    The disciple James warned that this problem was dividing some congregations in the first century. (Jas. 2:1-4) We must be on guard not to allow this thinking to affect our congregation today and make sure that we fight against making judgments that are based on the outward appearance.

    w18.08 10 ¶8-10

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