Thursday, November 14

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    Thursday, November 14

    Select for yourselves the cities of refuge.

    Josh. 20:2.

    Jehovah took seriously all cases of bloodshed in ancient Israel. Willful murderers were put to death by the victim’s nearest male relative, known as “the avenger of blood.”

    (Num. 35:19)

    This act atoned for the innocent human blood that had been spilled. Swift execution protected the Promised Land from becoming defiled, for Jehovah commanded: “You must not pollute the land in which you live, for [the shedding of human] blood pollutes the land.”

    (Num. 35:33, 34)

    How, though, did the Israelites handle cases of accidental bloodshed? Although his deed was accidental, an unintentional manslayer was still guilty of shedding innocent blood.

    (Gen. 9:5)

    Mercifully, however, he was allowed to flee from the avenger of blood to one of the six cities of refuge. There, he could find protection. The unintentional manslayer had to remain in the city of refuge until the high priest’s death.

    Num. 35:15, 28.

    w17.11 9 ¶3-5

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