Tuesday, February 19

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    Tuesday, February 19

    How could I commit this great badness and actually sin against God?

    Gen. 39:9.

    Potiphar’s wife set her eyes on Joseph, who was “well-built and handsome,” and she tried to seduce him. Joseph, however, did not succumb to her repeated advances. And when the situation became critical, he fled from her. What does Joseph’s example teach us?

    One thing is that we may need to flee from the temptation to break one of God’s laws. (Prov. 1:10) In the past, some who are now Witnesses struggled with overeating, heavy drinking, smoking, drug abuse, sexual immorality, and the like. Even after baptism, they may at times be tempted to return to their former practices.

    Still, if you are ever tempted to break one of Jehovah’s laws, strengthen yourself by taking time to ponder the disastrous spiritual consequences that you could face for failing to restrain sinful impulses.

    You can try to foresee situations in which temptations could likely present themselves and decide how you can avoid them. (Ps. 26:4, 5; Prov. 22:3) Should you ever face such a test, ask Jehovah to give you the wisdom and self-control to resist.

    w17.09 4-5 ¶8-9

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