Tuesday, July 9

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    Tuesday, July 9

    Clothe yourselves with . . . patience.

    Col. 3:12.

    With patient teaching from their parents, children will be able gradually to begin to grasp “the breadth and length and height and depth” of faith. (Eph. 3:18)

    We can look for what is appropriate to their age and ability. As they become convinced of what they learn, they will increasingly be able to defend their beliefs before others, including schoolmates. (1 Pet. 3:15)

    For example, can your children explain from the Bible what happens at death? Does the Bible’s explanation make sense to them? Yes, inculcating God’s Word in your child will require patience, but it is worth the effort. (Deut. 6:6, 7)

    Of course, your example is also important when it comes to building conviction. Stephanie, the mother of three daughters, says: “I ask myself, ‘Do I talk to my children about why I am convinced of Jehovah’s existence, his love, and the rightness of his ways?’ I can’t expect my children to be persuaded unless I am.”

    w17.12 20 ¶8-10

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