Tuesday, June 25

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    Tuesday, June 25

    Expectation postponed makes the heart sick.

    Prov. 13:12.

    Consider the case of a sister in England who very much wanted a child but whose hopes in that regard had not been fulfilled. Then she entered the change of life. She admitted that she felt devastated, for she realized that her desire would not be satisfied in this system of things. She and her husband decided to adopt a child.

    Nonetheless, she said: “I still went through a sort of grieving process. I knew that adoption would not be exactly the same as giving birth to my own child.” The Bible does mention a Christian woman’s being “kept safe through childbearing.” (1 Tim. 2:15)

    But this does not mean that giving birth or having children results in gaining everlasting life. Rather, it refers to the fact that a woman’s having children to tend to, along with the other aspects of caring for a household, may keep her from falling into a pattern of gossiping and meddling in others’ affairs.—1 Tim. 5:13.

    w17.06 5-6 ¶6-8

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