Tuesday, March 10

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    Tuesday, March 10

    Keep on . . . seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness.

    Matt. 6:33.

    Today, God’s will for his people is to develop a friendship with him and have as full a share as possible in his work. (Matt. 28:19, 20; Jas. 4:8) Well-meaning people might try to sway us from that course. For example, what if your employer offered you a promotion with a substantial increase in salary but the position would interfere with your spiritual activities?

    Or if you are in school, suppose you were offered an opportunity to move away from home to receive additional education. At that moment, would you need to do prayerful research, consult with others, and then make a decision? Why not learn Jehovah’s thinking on such matters now and endeavor to make his thoughts your own?

    Then, if you are ever presented with such an offer, you may find that it hardly amounts to a temptation. Your spiritual goals are set, your heart is resolved, and all that remains for you is to carry out a decision that you have already made.

    w18.11 27 ¶18

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