Tuesday, November 12

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    Tuesday, November 12

    Ponder over these things.

    1 Tim. 4:15.

    We discovered some priceless truths when we first began to associate with God’s people. We learned that Jehovah is our Creator and Life-Giver and that he has a purpose for mankind.

    We also learned that God lovingly provided the ransom sacrifice of his Son so that we might be freed from sin and death. We further learned that his Kingdom will end all suffering and that we have the prospect of living forever in peace and happiness under Kingdom rule.

    (John 3:16; Rev. 4:11;21:3, 4)

    From time to time, our understanding of a Bible prophecy or some Scriptural passage may be adjusted. When such new understandings are provided, we ought to take time to study the information carefully and meditate on it.

    (Acts 17:11)

    We seek to understand clearly not only the major adjustments but also the subtle differences between the old understanding and the new one. In this way, we are certain to place the new truth securely in our own treasure store.

    w17.06 12-13 ¶15-16

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