Tuesday, November 26

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    Tuesday, November 26

    Mary chose the good portion, and it will not be taken away from her.

    Luke 10:42.

    To help determine whether we have a balanced view of secular matters and spiritual responsibilities, it is good to ask ourselves: ‘Do I find my secular work interesting and exciting but view my spiritual activities as ordinary or routine?’

    Thinking about and meditating on these matters can help us to determine where our true affection lies. Jesus set the standard in balancing secular interests and spiritual matters. On one occasion, Jesus visited the home of Mary and her sister, Martha. While Martha scurried about preparing a meal, Mary chose to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to him.

    When Martha complained that Mary was not helping, Jesus told Martha the words of today’s text. (Luke 10:38-42) Jesus was teaching Martha a valuable lesson. To avoid being distracted by secular matters and to prove our love for Christ, we must continue to choose “the good portion,” to give priority to spiritual things.

    w17.05 24 ¶9-10
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