Wednesday, February 13

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    Wednesday, February 13

    Happy is the man who finds wisdom and the man who acquires discernment.

    Prov. 3:13.

    Brothers who speak from the platform should make sure that the Scriptures form the backbone of their talk. (John 7:16) What does that involve?

    For one thing, be careful that nothing—experiences, illustrations, or even your manner of delivery—overshadows or draws attention away from the Bible verses you use. Also, remember that simply reading a number of scriptures does not in itself constitute teaching from the Bible.

    In fact, using too many scriptures could result in none of them standing out in the mind of your listeners. So select your key scriptures carefully, and take time to read, explain, illustrate, and apply them well. (Neh. 8:8)

    Try to understand the connection between the statements in the outline and the cited scriptures. Above all, prayerfully ask for Jehovah’s help to convey the precious thoughts contained in his Word.—Ezra 7:10.

    w17.09 26 ¶11-12

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