Wednesday, June 26

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    Wednesday, June 26

    What do you give [God]; what does he receive from you?

    Job 35:7.

    Was Elihu suggesting that our efforts in God’s service are pointless? No. He was saying that Jehovah does not depend on our worship. Jehovah is complete.

    We cannot make him richer or stronger. On the contrary, any goodness, talent, or strength that we possess is a trust from God, and he takes note of how we use it. Jehovah considers acts of loyal love expressed toward his servants as being rendered to him personally.

    “The one showing favor to the lowly is lending to Jehovah, and He will repay him for what he does,” says Proverbs 19:17. Is this scripture implying that Jehovah takes note of every act of kindness performed in behalf of lowly ones?

    Can we conclude that the Creator of the universe considers himself to be indebted to mere humans who perform deeds of mercy and that he views such giving as loans that he repays with favor and blessings? Yes, and this was verified by God’s own Son.

    Luke 14:13, 14.

    w17.04 29 ¶3-4

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