Wednesday, March 13

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    Wednesday, March 13

    If . . . your hand or your foot makes you stumble,
    cut it off and throw it away from you.

    Matt. 18:8.

    What might a Christian need to give up in order to continue to receive divine mercy? He must be prepared to give up even what is dear to him if it would put him in danger of falling into sin. (Matt. 18:9) If certain friends influence you to do things that displease Jehovah, will you cut off association with them?

    If you struggle to be moderate in your use of alcoholic beverages, are you willing to steer clear of situations that might tempt you to overdrink? If you battle sexually immoral desires, are you avoiding any movies, websites, or activities that may trigger unclean thoughts?

    Remember, any sacrifice we make to keep our integrity to Jehovah is worth it. Nothing stings more than feeling abandoned by him. At the same time, nothing is more satisfying than feeling his “everlasting loyal love.”Isa. 54:7, 8.

    w17.11 11 ¶12

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