Women of Faith

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    A women of faith mentioned in the Bible was named Sarah. The name in Hebrew means noblewoman, “princess” based on the root word sar which means prince, or noble. Sarah is one of the few women whom Jehovah spoke to personally. She is also the only women who’s age is given when she died. (Gen 23:1) She lived 127 years. She was about 90-91 when she gave birth to Isaac. His name was a reminder to Abraham and Sarah because in Hebrew it means "he laughed". That is what both Abraham and Sarah did when they were told that Sarah would give birth at an old age. Abraham didn't need Viagra, he had Holy Spirit.

    From this scripture we can calculate Abraham’s age as 137 years old when Sarah died. (Gen 17:17; 21:5) From the time of the promise we add a year to the time Isaac was born. (Gen 17:21)
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