Zechariah 7

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    Hi Joshua:

    I could not see how to comment on your video in that section but I wanted to comment none the less. I enjoyed your video very much. You have a nice calm about your presentation that I like at times. Presentations don't always have to be theatrical presentations. I only disagree with you on one thing and that is that I think the Watchtower has already been judged and they were wanting. They never repented for their grevous sin against Jehovah and Jesus with the U.N. . I believe they are already in Babylon as they are a false religion without an acceptable baptism (you can't oversee a baptism of repentance when you are un-repentant).

    The next time Jesus comes with Jehovah's power he will do what is said in Hagai 2, he will "rock the nations and all the valuable things of the nations will come out" paraphrase. Yes, there are valuable things in all the nations including the nation of the Watchtower. He will rock out of them the remnant of first new covenant saints (the gold), second new covenent saints (the silver) and all the rest of the faithful and loving in the Watchtower and everywhere else.

    Yes, there will be a visible judgement of the Watchtower for people to see because that has not happened yet, but they have already been judged, this will be the outward condemnation and punishment for the wicked. But for the righteous it will be a collection.

    I actually don't think you are that far away from that yourself. You do make a nice tape, I'm serious!
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    Thank you, all things to Jehovah, to his glory right? :)

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