1 John 4:9

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    “By this the love of God was made manifest in our case, because God sent forth his only-begotten Son into the world that we might gain life through him.â€

    According to the footnote in the New World Translation Reference Bible, the phrase “only-begotten†is translated in Greek as “monogene†and in Latin as “unigenitum.†Since Jesus is the only person directly created by Jehovah (Jehovah has used Jesus to bring all other creation into existence), it can be said that Jesus is a unique creation, “one of a kind,†- a “mono-gene†or “uni-genitum.â€

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    He may be the only begotton,but what we recieved via BOTH of them is the most important thing...that of being in Gods image. Jah gave that to Jesus directly,but both then wanted to share this with us. We have what was given Jesus. So even though we are not the "first" to recieve that gift directly from Jah,we still have it because both worked together to give us a life in THEIR image...because Jesus adopted those values He was given and so Jah and Jesus became one because of those values they both see as beautiful.

    Its this beautiful thing that had to be redeemed so it would not be lost. This is why Jesus was willing to die for it. Its beauty was so valuable it could not be lost to humans. This is why the memorial is a time of celebration. It reminds us of how much Jah and Jesus love us and the "inner value" we have and what they went through to save that part of us so we could again have what our parents threw away.

    Its a celebration of that "image" and what was done to save it... because Jah and Jesus have such wonderful lives themsleves because of it. This could not be lost !

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