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    I have been considering the creative days. At one time, I believed these creative days represented definite time periods, such as each creative day being 7000 years long given the time period of the seventieth day; however, I now believe I could have been previously mistaken.

    What if the creative days were written as they were for prophetic reasons? Let's say the Lord wanted to present to us the completion of his will through these days.

    The earth and universe could be millions and billions of years old and not affect God's Word's intention to present to us the creative days through prophecy.

    Given there is yet a thousand-year reign of Christ and six thousand years since the beginning of the seventh day, it is possible the creative days were to tell us the seventh day is seven thousand years long, from the creation of Eve to the end of the thousand-year reign.

    Given the seventh day began the moment Eve was created, this is the date we wish to know. Let's say Adam was four years old when Eve was created, and he was created in the year -4004 BCE. That would mean Eve would have been created in the year -3964 BCE. Adding six thousand years to this date and discounting a zero year, we come to the year 2035.

    The speculation is Adam being forty when Eve was created; however, the occurrences in prophecy of the number forty make this possibility interesting.

    2035 is the only time within our lifetimes the holidays yet to be fulfilled line up with the chronology of Daniel.


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