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    It will be the purpose of this forum to be a gathering place for all Christian believers and interested ones.

    We hold the simple facts of the Bible to be true. And we believe it is through faith in Christ Jesus that brings the free gift of salvation (Eph 2:8).

    Please keep from any arguing, name-calling, or segregation. We are a singular faith in Christ Jesus, and beyond that, any doctrinal disagreements are simply that, they are personal views. No one on this forum is right 100% of the time about any doctrinal view beyond faith in Christ Jesus. Please keep that in mind.

    We are not here to change other peoples' minds to think like us; we are together to share ideas and learn from each other. We often learn more about our own understandings from listening to others' views.

    With that said, may our Lord be here with us and his Spirit guide us in all endeavors.

    Peace be with you...

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