Friday, February 8

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    Friday, February 8

    For all things I have the strength through the one who gives me power.

    Phil. 4:13.

    You may have qualified for baptism at a young age. Yet, you cannot always predict what challenges you will face in the future. To help you stay faithful in any circumstance, never forget that your promise to Jehovah is unconditional. That means that you have told the Sovereign of the universe that you will continue to serve him even if your friends or parents stop doing so. (Ps. 27:10)

    In all situations, you can summon the strength—with Jehovah’s help—to live up to your dedication. (Phil. 4:11, 12) Jehovah wants you to be his friend. But maintaining that friendship and working out your own salvation will require effort. In fact, Philippians 2:12 says: “Keep working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” So consider how you will maintain your friendship with Jehovah and remain faithful to him despite any challenges.

    You cannot become overconfident. Even some of God’s longtime servants have gone astray.

    w17.12 24 ¶4, 6-7

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