Friday, June 7

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    Friday, June 7

    For 30 days whoever makes a petition to any god or man except to you,
    O king, should be thrown into the lions’ pit.

    Dan. 6:7.

    While it meant risking his life, Daniel decided not to give even the impression that he was compromising in his worship. Jehovah blessed Daniel’s conscientious and courageous decision by miraculously sparing him a cruel death. In fact, the outcome resulted in a marvelous witness for Jehovah that reached the farthest parts of the Medo-Persian Empire!

    (Dan. 6:25-27)

    How can we cultivate faith like Daniel’s? The key to strong faith is not simply to read God’s Word but to ‘get the sense’ of it. (Matt. 13:23) We want Jehovah’s mind on matters, which includes grasping Bible principles.

    Hence, we need to meditate on what we read. Also important is regular heartfelt prayer, especially when we face trials or other challenging situations. When we pray in faith for wisdom and strength, Jehovah will generously give them to us.—Jas. 1:5.

    w18.02 10-11 ¶13-15

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