Friday, November 15

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    Friday, November 15

    The shrewd man overlooks an insult.

    Prov. 12:16.

    A sister from Australia relates: “My father-in-law strongly opposed the truth. Before calling to check on him, my husband and I would pray that Jehovah help us not to respond in kind to angry reactions. To avoid long conversations that would usually lead to a heated discussion about religion, we set a time limit for the visit.” Conflict can make you feel guilty, especially if you love your relatives dearly and have always tried to please them.

    However, strive to put your loyalty to Jehovah ahead of your love for your family. Such a stand may actually help your relatives to see that applying Bible truth is a life-and-death matter. In any case, remember that you cannot force others to accept the truth.

    Instead, let them see in you the benefits of following Jehovah’s ways. Our loving God offers to them, just as he does to us, the opportunity to choose the course they will follow.—Isa. 48:17, 18.

    w17.10 15-16 ¶15-16
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