Friday, October 9

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    Friday, October 9

    A man will leave his father and his mother and he will stick to his wife,
    and they will become one flesh.

    Gen. 2:24.

    Adam’s sin brought changes. One was death, which would affect marriage. We can see that from what the apostle Paul wrote when explaining that Christians are not under the Mosaic Law.

    He revealed that death ends a marriage and that the surviving mate can thereafter remarry. (Rom. 7:1-3) The Law that God gave to the nation of Israel provided details about marriage. It allowed for polygamy, a practice that existed even before God gave Israel the Law.

    However, polygamy was regulated, prohibiting abuses. For example, if an Israelite married a slave and later took a second wife, he could not diminish his first wife’s food, clothing, and marital due. God required that he protect and care for her. (Ex. 21:9, 10)

    We are not under the Law, but we can still see from it Jehovah’s interest in marriage. Does that not help you to esteem marriage?

    w18.12 10 ¶3; 11 ¶5-6

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