I will show you the judgment on the great prostitute. —Rev. 17:1.

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    Revelation 17:1 And one of the seven angels that had the seven bowls+ came and spoke with me, saying: “Come, I will show you the judgment upon the great harlot*

    Revelation 17:3 And he carried me away in [the power of the] spirit+ into a wilderness. And I caught sight of a woman sitting upon a scarlet-colored wild beast+

    The above texts are from Revelation chapter 17

    Whereas the following text is from Revelation chapter 14

    Revelation 14: 8 And another, a second angel, * followed, saying: “She has fallen! Babylon+ the Great has fallen, + she who made all the nations drink of the wine+ of the anger of her fornication!”*+

    The 'terrible woman' is reported as fallen in chapter 14, yet later on in the scrolls text, chapter 17 we get a description of her falling. We can easily determine from this that the Revelation as we read it linearly is not forensically written as a chronological list of events. Having said that, there is obviously a general sense of progressing forward through the unfolding and rolling out of things as they happen. At the coast, when the ocean's tide comes in, it doesn't happen as if a glass of water where being filled with a tap. The waves roll in, then the waves roll out yet the tide rises and falls with both happening. With the Revelation to John sometimes a set of events, is still happening (chronologically) as the next set begins. This is adds to the difficulty of discerning the vision, in what is already the most difficult of bible texts to understand.

    Imagine an overseer / supervisor with three workmen. In the morning the supervisor meets his three workers he gives a set of instructions for their different task assignments. Even if all three men are present the whole time whilst listening to their different assignment instructions they will likely be given the instructions, one man at a time. Yet the work doesn't actually happen like that. One man isn't going to wait until another man finishes all his work for the day before he starts his own set of tasks. All the men may be working at the same time, yet the sets of instructions were given one set after another.

    For a sporting analogy consider baseball or softball. A batsman might still be running the bases as another man arrives to bat. The players sometimes have to wait stationed at bases on the field until play continues, and they can complete their run of the stations.

    The Revelation is a 'home run' overall yet sometimes events overlap, pause, continue happening at the same time as other events.

    Revelation is described as a 'vision' however when we read it as modern people in a technological world we can use analogies that may not have been available to John. We have amazing story telling venues and methods such as cinema. In the west we have time travel science fiction, Rip Van Winkle, Back to the Future, Dr Who, H.G. Wells, The Terminator. Some translations of the text describe the observer being 'transported' and as a person familiar with modern media entertainment it often reads more as if John were actually present at the events he is observing although not interacting, only observing. Frankly it reads like a time traveling observer rather than a 'vision in the mind'. Ezekiel, Daniel and other texts have been likened to science fiction in various ways. Sometimes with merit. Other times not so much.

    Revelation chapter 17 verse 1 the angel beckons 'come'. Verse 3 the observer describes being carried away. Perhaps beckoned or taken to a place, perhaps to a time. Perhaps to a place & time. It has the auspice of actually being somewhere rather than seeing something in the mind.

    We have the absurd privilege of experiencing a time machine to then use it to go look at a prostitute.

    The mysterious scarlet woman has been the subject of much consideration by bible scholars. Certain dynamics can be gleaned from the text. This 'woman' interacts with the kings of the earth. Suggesting the woman is some kind of global entity. The woman is spoken of as persecuting the holy ones. This must be a mixed metaphor. Whilst we know the woman is not an actual female person the suffering and persecution of the holy ones must be literal and real as there is never a context in the bible where the suffering of holy people is some kind of figurative symbol. Looking at the general dynamics watchtower eschatology has framed Babylon the Great as the world empire of false religion with the Roman Catholic church as a kind of central limb. This works quite well as an overview. The woman in the text is spoken as riding the beast. The pope at some point was given 'special observer status at the United Nations' an official seating. The woman is described as being drunk on the blood of the saints. From its origins in the Empire of Rome through transformation into a religious structure Christians have been tortured for the entertainment of Caesars and later for the intellectual vanity of the Spanish inquisition.

    The 'world empire of false religion' is a very broad description, one of the reasons it fits so well. The catholic church is fairly modern in the scheme of mankind and some of the dynamics of the metaphorical prostitute seem to predate the Empire of Rome. The blood guilt of the woman seems so extensive as to include all murder going back to Cain and Abel. The historical figure queen Jezebel is also an obvious candidate for comparison. As an individual human female she shares many identifying factors with the metaphorical harlot of prophesy. Like the prophetic whore, Jezebel was consort to a powerful king, king Ahab. Jezebel was persecuting prophets with murderous intent. She was also suffered fatality at the jaws of wild animals. Jezebel is mentioned early in the Revelation in terms of an influence in the congregation. The historical queen Jezebel is used as a nomenclature for loose conduct as a metaphor perhaps consorting with politics.

    It is a noted obsession of watchtower commentary to cleave too strong to consideration of an organisational view of matters, as men define organisation. With the harlot of revelation we might consider the exact opposite. An amorphous changing entity not philosophically committed or determined by culture yet having the same tendencies throughout history.

    It is the behavior of a prostitute to change her clothes and appearance according to the preferences of her client. What appears to be a modern catholic grotto to Mary has the same appearance as a Roman or Egyptian Altar to a female goddess. We read mention of 'temple prostitutes' in scripture. Historically cults involving orgies and sexual rites produced unwanted pregnancies these would then be disposed of in human sacrifice rituals. Recently the case of Jeffrey Epstein almost a real life version of a 007 James Bond villain with his strange Island & temple have made appearances in the news with rumors of human sacrifices, pedophilia, human trafficking. This has included high profile guests of the Island, 'the princes of the earth' Andrew the son of Queen Elizabeth II. President Bill Clinton ect. Pedophilia is rife in the political world as these types can be controlled through risk of exposure.

    Pedophilia and satanism is also used in the ultra mind control technologies developed by the Nazis and adopted and deployed in the CIA The entire Hollywood movie industry many of the same film studios are in control of the music industry where we can see open advocacy of satanism and associated symbolism. Journalist Alex Jones exposure of Bohemian Grove. The recreational retreat and resort set in Californian redwood forest now sold on, the place used to hold strange 'mock' human sacrifice ceremonies in front of a depiction of a Babylonian idol. The resort first established apparently with good intentions by the author Mark Twain went through its most notable years hosting world leaders having orgies in the woods with a similar character of the formerly mentioned Epstein Island.

    From a human perspective all this isn't necessarily a single religion or organisation it's a mess of debauchery.

    This isn't Catholicism or Islam (Islam also mired by pedophilia torture and human sacrifice). Yet if we were transported by an angel to a high perspective wouldn't all this stuff likely seem like the same thing ?

    The Stan Lee Marvel Character 'Captain America' recently introduced into pop culture the use of 'mind control' developed by a kind of Nazi devil cult. Captain America being a kind of proto super patriot hero. The existence of this in culture is noted primarily by its absence. Mind Control programs are a real technology with individuals in politics, entertainment and the news media having been utilized subjects. The Revelation explains that the harlot is destroyed by another worldly entity after the inclination to do so is given by Jehovah. There have been rumors for the past five years of clandestine operations by the U.S. Military to bring down world wide underground human trafficking. A mere glance at the figure of disappeared children in the west is a head shaking excersize. The figures seem to high to be believable A large classroom of children a day go missing in the west.

    Criminal intoxication from the blood of the innocent.

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