Is Science Biblically Accurate? (This is a test)

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    Is The Bible Scientifically Accurate?
    Many will remember this title of a study piece written by Watchtower. This title alone should strike you as odd. This title is holding science above the bible as the Authority and seeing if the bible matches up to its teachings. I have appropriately entitled this post as- 'Is Science Biblically Accurate?'

    I consider it a test. Its a test whether we listen and trust Our Creator or if we still trust in men.
    Science is the study of Gods creation so who better to listen to than the Creator Himself.
    I'm going to keep the layout simple and the scriptures I reference are just a portion of what I could have used.
    This reminds me of Jesus' words: "If I tell you about Earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?" John 3:12

    Science as an organization doesn't believe in God or give Him any praise. Why listen to science without any investigation? We will be investigating science through God's word. All reference scriptures should be examined through Parallel Hebrew and Greek Analysis Text. This can be done through the Bible Hub app. I highly recommend it. Lets begin cognitive dissonance test! But seriously pray beforehand this is hard.

    Science Claims: The Sun is still and the Earth revolves around the Sun.

    God's Word Says:
    The Sun revolves around the Earth and it is the Sun which is moving.

    Jehovah made the sun stand still, mentioned three times in Joshua 10:12-15 in the battle of Gideon.
    To prove to Hezekiah that He added more years to his life God made the Sun go back ten steps.(Isa 38:8)
    The Sun travels in a circuit (Ps 19:6)

    Science Claims: Sunlight reflects off of the moon

    God's Word Says:
    The Sun and Moon are luminaries. The Sun the greater luminary and the Moon the lesser one.
    The Moon gives its own light whether mentioned metaphorically or physically. (Gen 1:14,16, Isa 13:10,Isa 30:26, Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:24)

    Science Claims: The Stars"/ Universe existed before the Earth and the Earth came about by a Big Bang in this Universe.

    God's Word Claims:
    The Sun, Moon and Stars were created AFTER the Earth FOR the Earth, in the expanse of Earth's heavens
    (Sun, Moon and stars inside the Vault)
    to serve as times and seasons. Gen 1:14-19.

    Science Claims: The Earth is a sphere or ball

    God's Word Says:
    The Earth is a flat circle with a dome over it separating us from the waters above and the stars are INSIDE this dome/vault/firmament/molten glass/sea of glass under Gods throne.

    Jehovah compassed, carved, etched out inscribed a circle upon the waters. The Hebrew word used to denote a flat circle is 'Chug' as in ex. Isa 40:22. The Hebrew word for ball is 'Dur' for an example it was used in Isa 22:18 but is not used in any of the reference scriptures I list below describing the creation of the Earth.

    Isa 49:16, Prov. 8:27, Job 26:10, Isa 40:22,
    The Earth is a seal on top of clay Job 38:14 Jehovah not only questions Job but enlightens him of His creating ways.

    Dome/firmament/vault/molten glass/sea of glass etc. Job 22:14,Job 37:18, Gen 1:7, Isa 40:22, Amos 9:6( God builds a stadia or band over the Earth).

    Please use 'Bible Hub' to compare all translations and parallel Hebrew and Greek texts. Translators have translated the bible from their egos; meaning they translated from what they think they already know and twisted scriptures to match that. We ourselves shouldn't read the bible that way or we wont have understanding.
    Religious narratives have been implanted in us and they are wrong. Its hard to overcome what wicked men have built inside us. Not to simply say the opposite of what you were taught is the truth; its not that simple. Reevaluate and rebuild and keep at it. It takes a lot of work.

    This reminds me of what Jesus said to his Apostles:
    Jesus said to "watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees"( Mark 8:14-21). The Apostles started arguing about not bringing bread. Jesus started quoting from Psalms 115:4-8: "having eyes, do you not see? Having ears do you not hear?" Over many years the Jews have made the Pharisees into an idol and trusted in them and since they have done so they have become senseless like their idols. The first hand witnessing of the miracle of breaking bread and fishes didn't have a lasting impression. Their senses were dull. Jesus had much patience as it took time for his apostles to awaken out of that idolatry type trance and have true spiritual understanding.

    I know I haven't been posting any questions but if you like questions then you can question anything I write and search for answers. Jesus has the answers so turn to him.
    Much Love
    Your Brother
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    Stringency, Hyperbole, Perspective, Figurative speech. Literal, Specific, Definate, Metaphoric.

    how much of these occurs and where is a reflection simpatico.


    I was wondering why Paul councelled it is good to remain unmarried in the lord.

    ......then I saw this

    Mark 10:8-10

    New King James Version

    8 and the two shall become one flesh’; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

    There its is.

    a literal blob monster.

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