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    After Abraham, there were millions of his descendants born into God's earthly kingdom before Jerusalem was destroyed, brother. And, they will inherit eternal life on earth in that new kingdom. Besides, how many countless physical Jews became Christian? Will they not inherit this earth? Many millions of Abraham's seed will inherit the earth...

    Once the Gentile became a Jew according to Paul, Israel and Judah became a metaphor as well. I believe in the time of the end God's people will be gathered together under a spiritually rebuilt Israel. I suppose you can call it a replacement theology, but one that hasn't occurred yet.

    Is it not clear that before Christ genealogies were extremely important, and then after we are told by Paul to have nothing to do with them? It seems clear to me that once the Lord was born Jehovah put away genetics completely.

    It seems obvious to me Paul shoots down the genetics claim of a Jew by calling Gentile's Jews and stating that we should not have anything to do with genealogies. That means prophecy has nothing to do with genetics. I'm not sure how he could have said it any clearer. At least that's what I see...

    Sorry, I see the dispersal future as well.

    The Jewish faith denies the Christ, sorry man but that is the definition of antichrist and they are not God's people in any way shape, or form. They are antichrist RR, and that is a fact...

    Did they maintain the law? Where are the sacrifices? What I see is God allowed that city to be utterly destroyed killing a million inhabitants for their lack of faith. They were a nation of antichrist's that denied God's son and killed him. They said, and I quote: "And all the people answered, “His blood be on us and on our children!” Mth 27:25

    And that is exactly what happened! Because the faith survived is inconsequential, if it weren't for the Bible surviving they would not have a faith today at all. They don't have scrolls separate from what became the collection of Scriptures we have today. Remember when the Jews were unfaithful and lost the Torah, and amazingly was found in the floor of the temple? Without those books, there was no faith RR. So by happenstance, Christ's coming preserved those books for us, and the Jewish faith was probably just continued by the satan as part of the deception. It wouldn't surprise me if the lie in the end that causes apostasy has something to do with this antichrist religion of the Jewish faith, because it certainly won't have anything to do with the restoration of true worship.

    In my opinion of course...

    According to Dan 9:27 the Abrahamic covenant was fulfilled when Christ was baptized. The new covenant was made unto the Jews only when at the last supper Christ implemented that covenant with his disciples.

    However, three and a half years later, as I've said previously, the fulfillment of the sheet before Peter, and Paul's words, tell us a Jew after Cornelious became one of the heart. The restoration in the future includes Gentiles, sorry, but that's what Paul says. And if you think an antichrist religion is God's people, well we'll just have to agree to disagree brother... ;)

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