Meaning of the Bread and Wine at the Memorial.

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    While the memorial is focusing on the invited anointed,we have to remember why a Kingdom with Christ is needed. To save the rest of mankind who are deemed worthy of the ransom benefits. Its like saying that the Kingdom rulers are more important than those they rule over... if all we see are the anointed at this celebration. We might not partake the emblems,but we benefit from those who do because they are being “invited†to help us.

    Satan doesnt want this system to he will do what he can to justify the accusations he makes against Jesus Brothers and seemingly delay the kingdoms birth. This is why the anointed are given the reward thats offered to those who prove faithful. They are especially picked out for attention by satan...and thus are worthy of their reward.

    Also,often its been mentioned that the organisation of JWs has as its primary purpose to gather the anointed. This is true. But just as important are the “10 gentiles hanging onto the skirt of the Jew.†We of the other sheep are just as needed.

    All of us have benefited by being part of JWs,which has enabled us to have such a better life than without knowing Jah. Were we “drawn†to Jehovah only to have the possibility of being invited anointed ? No. With millions knowing Jehovah,this certainly is not the case. So right from the outset,its almost certain that we would not be an invited anointed.

    Yet Jehovah used His Holy Spirit to direct events so that we came to know Him. Why ? Just because we arent going to be anointed doesnt mean a relationship with Him means any less to us... and benefit from His education. He wants us to know Him despite not having the Heavenly hope. Its interesting that this education comes through anointed who played a major role in the development of the organisation,despite what apostate anointed have done in recent times.

    Look at what has happened to our lives because in a small way already,we see what we can have in the spiritual paradise not far from now when the real FDS of faithful anointed is appointed. What we have now had its beginnings because of these invited ones who partake of the emblems. So imagine what will happen via the proven “brothers†when Jesus gives them more work to do because of being faithful and declares them the FDS.

    Even though we dont partake,we certainly have much to be grateful for because of Jehovah acting through those that do partake. The benefits of the emblems have reached us also !

    What has happened to us as dedicated ones is but a sample of how wonderful things will be for us because faithful anointed will be appointed by Jesus to do even greater works. Look at what has happened to us via anointed who take the emblems...and they arent even “sealed†as such. Imagine how things will be for us under the direction of ONLY the faithful anointed do their work ! A true spiritual paradise indeed !

    As the emblems pass by us,dont presume we have nothing because we have not partaken. We have so much because of those invited to be part of the Kingdom. Through their past efforts,we know and have dedicated ourselves to Jehovah. And when the time comes,a greater spiritual work will begin that will all take place because of the spiritual blessings that have trickled down to us via those who partake of the emblems...and what those emblems mean. When those emblems are in our hands,we have benefited even though we dont eat them. They are in our hands because Jehovah drew us via His Spirit to be at a place where we would gain treasures via those emblems. We may not be anointed,but when they pass us,we know we have in our hands the means by which we have the treasures we do have. In our figurative hands are the blessings the emblems have given us...and the bread and wine are the symbols that remind us of what we have even though not an invited anointed.

    This below is taken from the link. Its from an invited anointed sister dealing with the bread and wine.
    The Bread

    The loaf Jesus used as the emblem of his body (Matt.26:26), was derived from the harvest of wheat (John12:23,24). Jesus used this grain to illustrate many realities pertaining to those who would become heirs of the earth (Matt.13:36,37; 3:12). Jesus used the seed of this grain to depict the origin of this "crop" of Kingdom heirs, which was the Word of God (Luke8:11). Jesus himself was the sower of this seed (Matt.13:37), which was life-giving words of Truth, from God himself (John12:50; 14:10). Those who accepted the word of Truth and cultivated it within their own hearts (Luke8:15; Mark4:28), would bring their own crop to mature perfection (Heb.12:2,23) the full grown stature of the Christ (Eph.4:13). For those who bore a healthy harvest in return for the seeds that had been planted within them (Luke8:15; Matt.25:20; 7:19; John15:8), the identity of being a "Son of the Kingdom", would become theirs (Matt.13:38; Rom.8:17; John1:12,13). These in turn, would use the crop of wheat seed they had brought to maturity, to give life and truth to yet other hearts (2Cor.9:6; Ec.11:6,1; 2Tim.4:2,5; Gal.6:9; Luke8:8).

    By the time Jesus gave up his life for the sins of many (Matt.26:28), he had brought the purpose of his own human existence to full maturity and perfection (John18:37; 19:28,30; Phil.2:7,8,9). The seeds of Truth and Light that had been given him by the Father, became fully dispensed, fulfilled, and brought to mature perfection by Nisan 14, 33 C.E. (John12:35,36; 17:1,4,26)
    Therefore, matured seeds of grain are used to prepare this symbol of Jesus' body. This was a fitting representation of how he had completely fulfilled his earthly purpose, obediently bringing the word, will, and work of his Heavenly Father, to completion (John4:34). Within Jesus' own life, those wheat seeds of truth were brought to complete ripeness, maturity, and perfection (Mark4:28; John17:4).
    His obedience through all the tribulation he was about to endure, would finish his preparations for sacrifice (Heb.2:10; 5:8,9). At the moment he expired, his offering to God was perfectly depicted, in the unleavened bread Jesus presented to his brothers (John6:35,51,58).

    Jesus knew that in order to bestow his future joy and inheritance of the earth upon his brothers (Luke22:29), these ones would also need to cultivate and bring to perfection, the very same harvest of Truth (Luke8:8; Mark4:29; Matt.10:32; Rev.14:4,5; John15:16). They would need to become sharers with him, in the same course of faithfulness and sacrifice (1Pet.2:21; Luke22:28,31; Rev.6:9,11). For those who accomplish this, Jesus' sacrifice can righteously apply (Rev.19:7,8; 22:14).
    These become one with Christ in their rejection of the sinful flesh (1Cor.9:27; Gal.5:16). These accept the persecutions of not belonging to this world (John15:18,19; 16:33). These are taken into Christ's body (Eph.5:30; Rom.12:4,5; 1Cor.12:12; 10:17; Gal.3:27)...becoming "one" with him as a man and his wife would become (Eph.5:28,32; 2Cor.11:2; John6:56; 17:21,23,26; 15:4,7,9; 14:18; 1Cor.6:17). They accept Jesus as their Lord, Master, King, and Head (Eph.1:22,23; 5:23; Col.3:24). These are fed spiritually by means of Jesus (Eph.4:21; 5:29; John16:7; 15:26; 1John2:20,24,27), and his sinless body...the "Word" of Truth made manifest (John1:14; 14:6). All these things are symbolized, in the loaf which he presented...the perfect representation of Christ himself...the True food (John6:55; Matt.4:4).

    The Wine

    Just as Jesus often used wheat to describe the Truth in all it's manifestations, progression, and personifications (Matt.13:24); he also used the illustration of the vine of grapes (Matt.20:1).
    Truth would be delivered by Jesus, to those drawn by the Father (John6:44,65), until finally that Truth would become established in the earth (John16:12,13; 1Cor.13:10) by means of the completed Kingdom administration (Eph.1:9,10). This would be built up gradually (Eph.2:20,21,22; 4:11,12,13,15).
    Jesus described his heavenly Father Jehovah as the "cultivator" of a vineyard (John15:1). Jesus described himself as the true vine, and his anointed disciples as the branches of that vine (John15:5a). This illustration amply describes the dependent relationship the anointed must have with Christ alone...that of being fed exclusively and directly by him (John15:4,6; Heb.12:25; 2:13,14). The vital sustenance that is channeled by means of The Vine, Christ, is Holy Spirit (John16:7,13; 14:16,17,26; Zech.4:2,3,12,6,14; 1John2:20,28). By means of this gift through Christ; the anointed receive life, truth,
    and the ability to produce much "fruit" (John14:6; 15:5,8).

    Jesus taught us that the grapes are what the anointed have sacrificed their power and will to obediently produce (John6:27; 1Tim.4:16). These are teachings fully based upon the original sayings of Jesus, the prophets, and the twelve (Matt.7:24; Eph.2:20); as well as further truth which Jesus directly gives at the proper time (John16:12,13; 1John2:27; Matt.24:44,45; Luke12:35,36,37; Rev.3:20; Matt.10:27). The "fruit" the faithful anointed produce, are teachings of truth (Matt.12:33,37; 7:20; Isa.57:19; Prov.13:2; 18:20; Heb.13:15). All that the vine and branches have labored to produce, will be harvested, and is rightfully given to the Vineyard's Owner. (Matt.21:41,43; Rev.22:2; Heb.13:15).

    The time arrives when the fruit of the vine comes to maturity. The "new wine" teachings which belong to the priests to produce, are vital for life (Deut.33:28,29; Prov.3:9,10; Isa.36:17; 62:8,9; Jer.31:10,11,12; Joel2:19,24; Zec.9:17). All of the fine fruit produced, has it's source in the vine, Christ (John15:4,5). He is the one that fed all the branches, and the fruit. When all these come to maturity, a harvest ensues, and the final, desired product is created (1Cor.13:9,10).

    The wine which is "kept on the dregs" (aged and filtered) is to be enjoyed when the Cultivator decides to dispense it (Isa.25:6,9). This is the wine that has been kept in reserve (aged) and clarified (filtered) with the cloudy, worthless sediment removed. That is when the final results of the collective labor of Christ and his brothers, is enjoyed by them at the Marriage Feast (Matt.26:29). The wine served there has been prepared by the heavenly Father, for His Son (Matt.22:2). This "wine" is not "new" to the Father (Isa.46:9,10; 43:12; Matt.24:36). He has held the final understanding back, as if "wine kept on the dregs". But the scriptures reveal that what may be foreknown by Jehovah, seems as "new wine" to those who are later given it (Isa.41:26; Prov.4:18; Psalm4:6; 36:9; Rev.5:1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10; 1:1; 12:6). The Son shares this clarified vintage, with his composite "Bride" at this Wedding Meal (Matt.25:10). Jesus receives this Wedding Meal first, from Jehovah (Rev.5:7; Dan.7:13). He then shares it with his slaves (Rev.3:20; 1:1; Luke12:35,36,37). It is called a Wedding Feast, because it is timed according to the last virgins being sealed, and the completion of the 144,000.
    The wine we partake of at the Lord's Evening Meal is a symbol of promise...the promise that by means of Christ's blood, the remnant will partake of the wedding vintage (Rev.5:9,10; 11:3,4; 12:6; Matt.25:10). Our receiving that perfect wine, was made possible by the blood of the Covenant (Heb.8:6,8,10; Rom.9:26). Jesus surrendered his lifeblood that we might have a righteous standing, providing us an inheritance of Life and Truth (Rom.5:1,5,9,17; 9:23,26; 1Cor.6:11,19,20; Heb.11:39,40; 12:22,23,24). When we partake of the symbol of his blood, we agree to partake of the fruit of the vine of Truth, which was the meaning of his lifeblood (John6:53,55,56,57; 14:6). The wine symbolizes all at once...Jesus' ransom sacrifice (Matt.26:28), his teachings of Truth which also cleanses and saves us (Eph.5:26,27; Titus3:4,5,6,7) and our acceptance to imitate his example (Rom.6:3,5; Rev.6:9,11; Luke9:23; Rom.8:18)....To also be producing the fruit of Truth, even at the cost of our own blood being shed (Rev.11:7; 17:6; 12:11).


    Jesus compared his blood to wine. Jesus shed his blood to cover the sins of those who would become "branches". Holy Spirit could not flow to them otherwise. Jesus' blood was shed to justify the branches of the vine (1John1:7)... to be accounted as cleansed vessels of Truth (2Tim.2:21; Rom.9:23). It was also the Truth that cleansed them (Eph.5:25,26,27; John13:8). They are cleansed by both, Truth and Jesus' blood. In this there is no difference between Truth, and Jesus' blood. Truth flowed from his heart into his whole soul. He was, the Word of Truth (John14:6;17:17; 1:14).

    Jesus shed his blood to seal his promises to his Bride (John15:13,15,16; Eph.5:2,25,32; Rom.8:23). He gave his life for her, that he might one day bring her home to him (John14:2,3,18,28; Mark13:26,27). Together, they will restore the rest of Creation (Gen.22:18; Gal.3:28,29; Matt.17:11; Acts3:20,21; Rev.22:1,2,17). The emblems are for those who receive life first...the first resurrection (Rev.20:4,5; 14:4; James1:18) . These depend upon the blood of Christ to cleanse them, qualifying them for their inheritance (Rev.5:9,10; 1Cor.15:50,53,57; Heb.2:11; 9:22). The provision for the rest, is the Thousand Years while these ones reign with their Lord (Rev.20:6).

    To remain eligible chaste virgins (2Cor.11:2,3; Psalm45:14; Matt.25:10; Eph.5:27), those chosen would need to remain in union with the true vine which feeds and intercedes for them, the Christ. Only through loyalty, endurance, and the sacrificing of their own lifeblood, can these inherit the joyful promises...To become the channel of the great reconcilliation, the means by which Jehovah and Jesus will restore peace and life, to all the earth
    (2Cor.5:20; Rom.8:20,19,21; 2Pet.3:13; Rev.21:5).

    As we partake of the bread and wine, we are reminded of our dependence upon Christ. He directs us in the way of life and truth. By accepting from him the greatest gift ever given, we become one with him, in his sufferings and in his glory. Once Christ arrives, we are the first ones raised to perfect life...sharing with him in his divine nature. Then the promises symbolized by the bread and wine, will be fulfilled (1Cor.11:26). We will then share in the joy of our master (Matt.25:23)...that of raising the rest of Creation into reconciliation with God (John14:12). We ourselves will become the Tent of God, the Covenant, the New Jerusalem above (which comes down from Heaven- Rev.21:2; John1:51) we slave for God and Christ...bringing their healing love to every living thing on earth
    (Rev.21:3; Heb.9:11,15; Rev.21:2; 22:3,4; Heb.1:6,14; 2:16).
    Until that Glorious Day dawns, may we continue to keep close in heart our unity with the Ones who love us, and who have saved us from our sins.

    Eph.2:4,5,6; Rev.1:5,6
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    thank you for explaining fully what those emblems mean.. I bring to mind that those who are anointed to rule with jesus have quite a tough job laid out for them. it will be no easy task geting millions of people educated,and no person should eat those implements hastly! that would be like volunteereing to run a surgical center with onley a first aid paper! remember the holy meaning of the day, praise our lord and enjoy the memorial
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    I just re-read Doxceys blog.

    "The wine we partake of at the Lord's Evening Meal is a symbol of promise...the promise that by means of Christ's blood, the remnant will partake of the wedding vintage (Rev.5:9,10; 11:3,4; 12:6; Matt.25:10)."

    Think of what we already have because those who partake,are given these symbols as promise to when they are declared righteous. But even before that happens,they are having more and more to share with us spiritualy. We are benefiting already because those emblems that are a promise of more truth when the FDS is apointed.

    What we have via faithful anointed is a shadow of the good things to come when they are sealed members and they have recieved fully the value of Jesus sacrifice.

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