Monday, July 1

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    Monday, July 1

    Humble yourselves . . . under the mighty hand of God,
    so that he may exalt you in due time.

    1 Pet. 5:6.

    As the steward “in charge of the house”—presumably that of Hezekiah—Shebna had considerable authority. (Isa. 22:15) Sadly, though, he became proud, seeking his own glory. (Isa. 22:16-18) Because Shebna pursued glory for himself, God ‘threw him out of his office’ and replaced him with Eliakim. (Isa. 22:19-21)

    This change occurred when Assyrian King Sennacherib was intending to attack Jerusalem. Sometime later, that king sent high officials to Jerusalem, along with a large army, to demoralize the Jews and intimidate Hezekiah into surrendering. (2 Ki. 18:17-25)

    Eliakim was sent to speak to the officials, but he was not alone. He was accompanied by two others, one of whom was Shebna, now serving as secretary.

    Might this not suggest that Shebna did not give way to bitterness and resentment but instead humbly accepted his lesser responsibilities?

    w18.03 25 ¶7-8, 10

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