Monday, November 11

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    Monday, November 11

    No one will be put to death on the testimony of just one witness.

    Num. 35:30.

    Jehovah commissioned Israelite elders to imitate his high standard of justice. First, the elders needed to establish the facts. Further, they had to weigh carefully a manslayer’s motive, attitude, and previous conduct when deciding whether to show mercy. To reflect divine justice, they had to determine whether the fugitive acted “out of hatred” and “with malicious intent.” (Num. 35:20-24)

    If the testimony of witnesses was considered, at least two witnesses had to substantiate a charge of intentional murder. Thus, after establishing the facts of the case, the elders had to look at the person, not just the action.

    They needed insight, the ability to look beyond the obvious and to see into a matter. Above all, they needed Jehovah’s holy spirit, which would enable them to reflect his insight, mercy, and justice.—Ex. 34:6, 7.

    w17.11 16 ¶13-14

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