Monday, October 5

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    Monday, October 5

    How I do love your law! I ponder over it all day long.

    Ps. 119:97.

    To safeguard our heart, we must not only close it to wrong influences but also open it to positive influences.

    In ancient walled cities, a gatekeeper closed the gates of the city to stop an enemy invasion, but at other times he opened the gates to allow food and other supplies to be brought in. If the gates were never open, the inhabitants of the city would starve.

    Similarly, we need to open our heart regularly to the influence of God’s thinking. The Bible contains Jehovah’s thinking, so each time we read it, we allow Jehovah’s thoughts to affect the way we think, feel, and act. How can we get the most from our Bible reading?

    Prayer is vital to help us “see clearly the wonderful things” in his Word. (Ps. 119:18) We also need to meditate on what we read. When we pray, read, and meditate, God’s Word reaches “deep within [our] heart,” and we come to love Jehovah’s thinking.

    Prov. 4:20-22.

    w19.01 18 ¶14-15

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