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    Oh how the King has loved you
    your beauty is rare
    and your fealty unsurpassed
    let us traverse the garden meadows
    in the mountains along the foraged trails
    alongside the thickets into the redwood groves

    I will call you to my side
    there always to be present with me
    the bride price was costly , a kings ransom
    but I have redeemed you for myself
    no others shall have you , I have made you mine
    I have loved you with an everlasting love
    with the promise I have given you
    that your confidence may rest in my word
    none in a thousand , one in tens of thousands
    but you are beyond price, inestimable your value
    have been foreordained to be for me
    hand chosen by my own father

    Where justice has met compassion
    power has betrothed meekness
    wisdom has married foresight
    and love gives birth to truth
    will that these qualities multiply
    for these are the virtues
    that will be the healing of the nations

    All that is mine , my gifts for you
    born of a love incomparable
    even as my father has given me
    I will make your joy full
    and grant the desires of your heart
    though you have been terrified
    you shall rest in my security forever
    remain on the watch
    for I will show you
    the things that yet must come to pass
    for I watch over you
    will shield you and guide
    you into all the truth

    amen , come Lord Jesus

    COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
    via Duboff Law Group LLC

    reminders of just how Jehovah and Jesus
    feel about those of you who have chosen
    to follow them

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