Saturday, April 13

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    Saturday, April 13

    He must flee to one of these cities.

    Josh. 20:4.

    Once inside a city of refuge, the fugitive was safe. Regarding those cities, Jehovah said: “They will serve as a refuge for you.” (Josh. 20:2, 3)

    Jehovah did not require the manslayer to be judged again for the same case; nor was the avenger of blood permitted to enter the city and take the fugitive’s life. The fugitive thus never had to fear reprisal. While in the city, he was safe and secure under Jehovah’s protection. This was not a prison of refuge.

    The city offered him an opportunity to work, to help others, and to serve Jehovah in peace. Yes, a happy and fulfilling life was possible! Some of God’s people who sinned grievously but who repented have felt “imprisoned” by their guilt, even feeling that Jehovah will forever view them as tainted by gross wrongdoing.

    If you feel that way, please be assured that when Jehovah forgives you, you can feel secure in his mercy!


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