Saturday, August 17

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    Saturday, August 17

    Honor your father and your mother.

    Eph. 6:2.

    Training children to follow this command can be especially challenging if you have an unbelieving mate. Set the example by honoring your mate. Focus on his or her good qualities, and express appreciation for your mate.

    Avoid saying negative things about your mate in front of your children. Instead, explain to them that each person must choose whether to serve Jehovah. The children’s good conduct might help to draw the unbelieving parent to true worship. Some husbands may forbid the Christian wife to teach the children from the Bible or to take them with her to Christian meetings. Even so, a Christian wife does what she can to teach the children Bible truth. (Acts 16:1;2 Tim. 3:14, 15)

    While respecting his decisions, she can still express her faith in the presence of her children as opportunities arise, thus giving them moral training and knowledge about Jehovah.—Acts 4:19, 20.

    w17.10 14 ¶9-10

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