Saturday, January 18

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    Saturday, January 18

    Everyone must be quick to listen.

    Jas. 1:19.

    Jehovah himself sets the superlative example in this regard. (Gen. 18:32; Josh. 10:14) Consider what we can learn from the interchange recorded at Exodus 32:11-14. Although not needing Moses’ input, Jehovah gave Moses an opportunity to reveal how he felt.

    What human would listen at length to the reasoning of someone who has displayed faulty thinking and then act on that person’s word?

    Yet, Jehovah listens patiently to humans who call on him in faith. Each of us does well to ask: ‘If Jehovah can stoop down to deal with people and listen to them as he did with Abraham, Rachel, Moses, Joshua, Manoah, Elijah, and Hezekiah, should I not be better at honoring all my brothers, dignifying them, listening to their ideas, and even acting on their good ideas?

    Does someone in my congregation or in my family deserve my attention right now? What should I do about that? What will I do about that?’—Gen. 30:6; Judg. 13:9; 1 Ki. 17:22; 2 Chron. 30:20.

    w18.09 6 ¶14-15

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