Saturday, July 13

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    Saturday, July 13

    Choose cities convenient for yourselves to serve as cities of refuge.

    Num. 35:11.

    The six cities of refuge were easy to access. Jehovah commanded Israel to distribute the cities evenly on both sides of the Jordan River. Why? So that any fugitive could find refuge quickly and conveniently. (Num. 35:12-14) Roads leading to the cities of refuge were kept in good repair. (Deut. 19:3)

    According to Jewish tradition, guideposts were erected to direct fugitives to the cities. Since the cities of refuge were available, an unintentional manslayer was not forced to flee to a foreign land, where he might be tempted to take up false worship.

    Think of it: Jehovah—the very One who had mandated capital punishment for willful murderers—gave unintentional manslayers ample opportunity to receive compassion and protection! “Every thing was made as plain, as simple, and as easy as possible,” wrote one commentator.

    Jehovah is not a heartless judge who is eager to punish his servants. Rather, he is “rich in mercy.”Eph. 2:4.

    w17.11 14 ¶4-5

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