Saturday, June 15

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    Saturday, June 15

    He threw [Wickedness] back into the ephah container,
    after which he thrust the lead weight over its mouth.

    Zech. 5:8.

    This part of the vision highlights that Jehovah will not tolerate wickedness of any kind among his people. He will see to it that it is contained and speedily removed.

    (1 Cor. 5:13)

    The angel assures us of this by thrusting the lead lid back over the container. What a relief this vision must have brought to the Israelites of Zechariah’s day—a guarantee that Jehovah would keep pure worship clean!

    However, the vision also reminded the Jews of their responsibility to maintain the purity of their worship. Wickedness cannot and will not be allowed to creep into and dwell among Jehovah’s people.

    After we have been brought into the protective and loving care of God’s clean organization, we have the responsibility to help maintain it. Are we moved to keep our “house” clean? Wickedness in any form does not belong in our spiritual paradise.

    w17.10 24 ¶14-15; 25 ¶17-18

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