Saturday, October 10

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    Saturday, October 10

    You will not believe even if it is told to you.

    Hab. 1:5.

    After leaving his worries and concerns in Jehovah’s hands, Habakkuk may have wondered how Jehovah would react. As an empathetic and understanding Father, Jehovah did not rebuke him for his sincere complaint. God knew that it was a desperate cry of pain and sorrow.

    In words really aimed at the wayward Jews, Jehovah informed Habakkuk of what would happen in the near future. It could well be that Habakkuk was the first to whom Jehovah revealed that the end of that violent era was very near. Jehovah showed Habakkuk that He was ready to act.

    The punishment of that violent and wicked generation was imminent. By the expression “in your days,” Jehovah indicated that this judgment would definitely occur during the lifetime of the prophet or that of his contemporaries.

    Jehovah’s reply was not at all what Habakkuk expected. Was this the answer to his impatient cry? What Jehovah told him surely meant that suffering would increase for all of Judah.

    w18.11 15 ¶7-8

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