Saturday, October 17

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    Saturday, October 17

    How I do love your law! I ponder over it all day long.

    Ps. 119:97.

    Studying God’s Word involves more than superficial reading and merely highlighting the answers to study questions. When we study, we consider what the material tells us about Jehovah, his ways, and his thinking.

    We try to understand why God commands one thing and condemns another. We also give thought to what changes we need to make in our life and in our thinking. Although all these aspects might not be considered in every session of study, we profit by spending time—perhaps half of each study period—meditating appreciatively on what we read.

    (1 Tim. 4:15)

    As we meditate regularly on God’s Word, we ‘prove to ourselves’ that Jehovah’s reasoning on matters is perfect. We begin to see things from his point of view, and we come to agree with that viewpoint. Our minds are ‘made over,’ and we develop a new pattern of thinking. (Rom. 12:2) Progressively, we make Jehovah’s thoughts our own.

    w18.11 24 ¶5-6

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