Sunday, April 14

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    Sunday, April 14

    How good and how pleasant it is
    . . . to dwell together in unity!

    Ps. 133:1.

    One way we can promote unity is by reflecting on the meaning of the emblems used at the Memorial. Prior to that special night—and especially on that night—give serious thought to the significance of the unleavened bread and the red wine. (1 Cor. 11:23-25)

    The bread represents the sinless body of Jesus offered in sacrifice, and the wine pictures his shed blood. Remember that the ransom sacrifice of Christ involved the two greatest expressions of love—the love that Jehovah showed in giving his Son in our behalf, and the love that Jesus showed by willingly offering up his life for us.

    Reflecting on their love should move us to love them in return. And the love for Jehovah that we and our fellow worshippers share is like a cord that ties us together and strengthens our bond of unity.

    w18.01 14 ¶11

    Memorial Bible reading: (Events after sunset: Nisan 9)

    Matthew 26:6-13

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