Sunday, August 11

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    Sunday, August 11

    Go on walking in wisdom toward those on the outside
    . . . Know how you should answer each person.

    Col. 4:5, 6.

    The idea that humans can solve their own problems may sound appealing to many people. Why? If it were true, it would mean that man does not need God’s guidance and that man can do as he pleases. Also, that idea may sound convincing because—according to some studies—war, crime, disease, and poverty are all decreasing.

    One report states: “The reason humanity is getting better is because humans have decided to make the world a better place.” If you hear a worldly idea that seems to challenge your faith, research what God’s Word says on the subject and discuss the matter with an experienced fellow believer.

    Consider why the idea may sound appealing, why such thinking is faulty, and how you can refute it. Indeed, all of us can protect ourselves against worldly thinking by following the admonition that Paul gave in today’s text.

    w17.11 24 ¶14, 17

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