Sunday, July 7

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    Sunday, July 7

    [Seek] first the Kingdom and his righteousness

    .—Matt. 6:33.

    Many have found that living a simple life not only makes them happier but also gives them more time to serve Jehovah. Jack sold his large home and business because he knew that doing so would make it possible for him to pioneer with his wife. He reflects: “For years, I would come home frustrated because of problems at work. My wife, a regular pioneer, was always so happy.

    She would say, ‘I have the greatest boss ever!’ Now that I too am pioneering, we both work for the same Person, Jehovah.” To analyze our view of money, we might honestly consider how we would answer these questions: ‘Do I really believe and live in harmony with what the Bible says about money?

    Does making money come first in my life? Do I value material things more than my relationship with Jehovah and with people? Do I really trust in Jehovah to care for my needs?’ We can be sure that he will never disappoint those hoping in him.

    w18.01 25 ¶12-13

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